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Wednesday, 2018-12-19


High quality chrome yellows and molybdate orange/red.

According to Regulation EG No. 1907/2006 (REACH-Regulation), it is no longer allowed to place our BRUFASOL® lead chromate pigments (P.Y. 34 and P.R. 104) into European market since 21th of May 2015. For markets outside of Europe, lead chromate pigments remain available.

With our product lines BRUFASOL® AL (bismuth vanadate pigments, P.Y. 184), BRUFABLEND® (dry pigment blends) and BRUFATEC® (hybrid pigments) we offer lead free alternatives to our customers.


2017-08-17 12:28

Bruchsaler Farben relies on renewable energies

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2015-05-07 16:13

BRUFASOL Yellow AL 2302

Zn-free bismuth vanadate pigment with high color strength and opacity.