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Brilliant yellow bismuth vanadate pigments, ranging from greenish to reddish shades as the alternative to chrome yellow shades with high opacity and excellent weather fastness.


Product description: Bismuth vanadate yellow (Pigment Yellow 184)

Product name: Bismuth vanadate, also bismuth vanadium oxide, bismuth yellow or vanadium yellow.

The Brufasol AL product line are inorganic, lead-free pigments based on bismuth vanadate. They have very good brilliance and high hiding power. At the same time, the bismuth vanadates are largely insensitive to organic solvents, diluted acids and alkalis, and sulfur dioxide. They are therefore particularly suitable for exterior applications. The good ecotoxicological profile of bismuth vanadate makes it the best substitute for yellow pigments containing lead.

Applications for our bismuth vanadate pigments include coil, industrial coatings, powder coatings, automotive, masterbatch, nylon, polyamide, PMMA, polyolefins, polycarbonate, ABS plastics, PVC, fibers, construction, flooring, epoxy, road markings, pigment pastes, pigment dispersions and silicate paints.

Technical data
Color   yellow with a greenish hue
Color Index   Pigment Yellow 184
C.I. No.   771740
CAS No.   14059-33-7
REACH No.   01-2119486965-17-0002
Formula   BiVO₄
Density g/cm³ ~ 5.7
Bulk density g/cm³ 0.5
Dry contents   > 99.5
Heat resistance °C 240-280
Light fastness   8
Weather fastness   4-5
Resistance to acid   5
Resistance to alkali   5