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Bruchsaler Farbenfabrik GmbH

The company Bruchsaler Farbenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1896 as a lacquer and paint wholesaler, under the name “Gebrüder Katzauer”, in the city of Bruchsal.

At the start the company produced supplies such as brushes and paints which were sold to local craftsman. A few year later they began the production of window putty and various lime-based products. This marked the start of our own manufacturing operations.

At the beginning of the 20th century the Katzauer family acquired a 20-hectare site on the then outskirts of Bruchsal, upon which the foundation the chemical production of pigments was built.

New production halls for the production of chromate pigments, organic and iron cyan pigments were built to the most modern standards of the time. This established Bruchsaler Farben as an important global supplier of pigments.


As the clouds of World War II gathered, the successful growth of the company was halted and ownership taken from the family by the government’s chemical group, Rheinchemie, part of the larger conglomerate, IG Farben. Pigment production was stopped in favor of the manufacture of camouflage paints and rubber compounds during this time.

The families were able to emigrate to the USA where they remained active in the import/export of pigments and related products. In 1949 they regained the rightful ownership of Bruchsaler Farben and the rebuilding process began.

New buildings and technologies were introduced as the plant had been gutted during the war. Legacy wooden tanks and pan mills can still be found around the factory and continue to operate. Modernization of plant and equipment, as well as, new technologies that meet the stricter health and safety requirements, continued over the years. New standards in productivity were set and BF continued its growth pattern.

An important year was 2006 when a new building housing a modern chemical production was commissioned. Using the standard raw materials along side new environmentally friendly ones, BF was able to bring to market the types of pigments that the always evolving industry demands.

In 2015 further growth was achieved when the new mixing facility went online with a custom designed and built mixer capable of grinding dry pigment blends up to 9 m³ per homogeneous batch.

We look forward to continuing to add to the successful story of our 125-year-old company and to supplying the world markets with our colors!

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Through our membership and active participation in international associations of the pigment industry, we assume responsibility by participating in legislative procedures for product- and occupational safety. On the websites of these associations you will also find more detailed information about such processes and also further information on pigments in general.